Monday, January 17, 2011

One of many beautiful quotations from "Gardens from the Sand" by Dan Cavicchio (p 55):

"If you want to help anyone, you have to not believe in their problem. By overlooking it, you can offer a moment of hope. And that's what it takes to heal - a moment of hope, or faith, or love. Call it what you like."
"So you think that things like broken legs and hunger aren't real."
"They're certainly real for the people who believe in them." said Samara. "And that includes most of us. But are they real in a permanent sense? Of course not. If they were, healing would be impossible."
Clare shook his head, reflecting on her words. "You know, it's quite an attitude you have."
"It's not so strange, really. Think of a doctor, for example: if a patient comes to a doctor with a broken leg, does the doctor sit around and feel sorry for the patient?"
"Maybe a little," said Clare.
"Not if she's a good doctor," said Samara. "If she's good, she looks beyond the pain. She'll acknowledge it, but then she looks beyond. She knows the leg will be healed. She knows she can help. It's that confidence that helps the patient."

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